Back Home in the Keys

Ok just landed an hour ago…What a Texas Tornado it was …. still spinning I guess ….ok just washed off some of that Texas dirt and heading to the Casa Marina for a well deserved Grouper salad and a moonlit walk home on the beach ….ahhh I love my Island home,,,, hmmmm maybe theres a song in all this ramblin …Love to all I had a great time and everyone was so nice about the showtimes …dont know how I managed that but it worked I dont think I pissed off anyone . The Powerhouse was a special moment and Freddy Powers was surprised to see them …I will post more later off to the beach….

Hearing Red Lane was an absolute tribute to Mickey Newbury and the gathering wont be long and we’ll all look back and realize how special we are to have been there for these legends . Danny Greaigos is doing a great honor to Red taking him around Texas in that wild looking ride ….Ride on my brother songwriters and sing your hearts away and make everyheart beat count ….